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So we have this great tool, a tool where one can be heard and hear others. Of course I’m talking about blogging. I’ve always considered myself a well read person, seemingly always looking for new bits of info to fill my brain with. My job allows me to express so of my views in technology and to some extend life but lately I’ve thristed for more. I’ve keep journals or diaries before but those are dead after you write them. Blogging seems to be the best option, I will welcome any comments or additions by those who happen to stumple across my ramblings. I hope to share my interests, views of the world and point out the not so obvious. The idea behind the title Fuzzy Glass is my take on the world as presented by the large corporate news organizations. For the most part I’m your typical middle aged guy, a couple of kids, and it seems almost on a daily basis a decision is made or a process just seems slight off focus or tilted the wrong way, or atleast I think the wrong way, so hence the name Fuzzy Glass.

Recently I’ve gotten into listening to podcasts, I’ve always carried around my palm device with ebooks at the ready for those boring waits in line by yourself, or that traffic hicup, but podcasts allow me to relax even more and just listen. I’ve found alot of tech shows, the nasa, ntp news, IT Conversations, and various other misc and seemingly strange topics for me to be listening too. I enjoy the newness of the technology, the convenience of it all.

I hope in the coming posts to present what I think is wrong with a wide range of interests and topics but at the same time I will provide possible solutions, or a slant that is positive.



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