STP 2007

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Wow, what a ride this year. After doing the Sand in the City I was quite tired. We drove up to Seattle but didn’t get to the hotel until around 11pm, I did manage to get 5 hours of sleep. Saturday morning we made our way but I didn’t eat anything, a big mistake as I would soon find out. The sponsors didn’t seem to have there stuff together is year, when we got to the lunch stop there was nothing to drink except water and line for that was unbelievable. Apparently VitaWater only brought 9,000 small bottles one for every rider however they allowed the earlier riders to take as many as they wanted. Very bad. Later in the day a pickup truck swerved intentionally when I tried to pass. Ouch! Towards the end of the first day my muscles in my legs where vibrating from the apparent lack of nutrition. Once at Centralia College and shower and some food did a body good. I averaged 16.4mph over 97.5 miles with a time of 6:17 max speed 31.0mph

Day two I started with a big breakfast and plenty of liquid. We started off fast and we where involved in several large drafts which is very nice. The ride seemed to go faster than day one and I’m not sure why, we met two different girls at different times who lived in seattle both where refreshing to talk to and maybe that made the ride a little easier. For three riders it wasn’t such a great day, a drunk driver hit one rider which the other two then ran into. The driver ran but with that many people around the cops found him 8 miles later. A bad deal all the way around. Everyone is going to be alright at least that’s what the news said. The stats for the second day where average 16.3 over 101.8 miles with a time of 6:13 max speed 55.1 (big hill, I’m not sure I believe my sensor).


STP 2007 – Preview

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I’m getting ready to ride the Seattle to Portland(Wikipedia)200 mile bike ride. This will be the third year I have done this ride and this years might be the most challenging. I’m heavier, haven’t ridden as much this summer and hurt my back last saturday practicing for the Sand in the City. I’m going to try and blog after day one using my Nokia n800.

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